1843 B&M 8day

Forestville Manufacturing Co.

Triple Decker Empire Shelf Clock

Circa 1840's

Column & cornice mahogany case with 2 eglomise tablets and a painted wood dial; 8 day time & strike, weight driven movement.

Height 34-1/2, Width 20", Depth 7"

Seth Thomas Adamantine

Seth Thomas mantel

circa 1890's 1900's; wood case Adamantine finish; Adamantine onyx columns; bronzed metal feet & ornaments; 5" dial;

8 day time & strike

Height11", Width 18", Depth 7"




French crystal Regulator

brass case




Seth Thomas   Octagon Top

circa 1863  rosewood case

completely restored case and dial

movement  overhalled



Seth Thomas

Circa early 1900's; wood case brown burl adamantine finish with black detailing; ornate gilt dial; 8 day time & strike.

Height 11", Width 12-1/2", Depth 6"

Seth Thomas

Circa early 1900's; wood case, brown woodgrain adamantine finish; brass finished feet; 8 day time & strike.

Height 9-1/2", Width 9", Depth 5-1/2" 

Seth Thomas- "Tempo";

Circa 1917; wood case, brown woodgrain adamantine finish; 5" dial; 8 day, hour & half hour strike.

Height 9-1/2", Width 16-1/2", Depth 5-1/4"

Waterbury Clock Co.

Waterbury, Connecticut; Circa late 1800's; Wood case; porcelain dial; beveled glass; 8 day time & strike.

Height 13", Width 17", Depth 6-1/2"

Bristo Brass & Clock Co


Height 19", Width 10-1/2", Depth 4"

Waterbury Clock Co.

gold statue of seated artist holding palette; Circa 1900's; 3" porcelain dial; fancy gilt center; Rococo cast gilt sash & bezel; beveled glass.

Height 9-1/2", Width 12", Depth 4-1/2"


Porcelain case: Circa 1890-1900's

handpainted porclain floral dial; scene of colonial couple by the water;

Height 10-1/2", Width 8-1/2", Depth 4"




French Japy Ceres- Maker;

Circa late 1800-early 1900's; porcelain case with delicate colors and floral design; 

8 day time & strike;

Height 11", Width 11', Depth 5"

FRENCH 3pc. set

French 3 pc. set

circa 1890's - 1900's; white marble with marble side urns; metal detailing and trim accents;8 day  time & strike

movement serviced  oiled & adjusted;

Height 19", Width 9", Depth 5"



Ansonia Clock Co. - New York

Circa 1895; White onyx marble case with accompanying metal urns; porcelain dial; beveled glass; visible escapement; 8 day time & strike; urns are 11-1/2" high.

Height 11-1/2", Width 10-1/2", Depth 4-1/2"


French   black marble (slate) colored marble column

circa 1880's

8 day time & strike



Seth Thomas

Triple decker empire shelf clock

Thomaston, Connecticut

circa 1860's - 1870's

original rosewood case finish with 2 split shell columns, dial restored

weight driven 8 day time & strike

Height 32-1/2," Width 18-1/2", Depth 6"



Ithaca Calendar Clock Co.

No. 11 Octagon; Circa 1880's

Walnut case, 7" time dial; 8" calendar dial;

8 day spring strike.

Height 21"